Covid-19 Healthcare Packages for Businesses

Let us as healthcare experts support you to get your employees back to work as safely as possible.

At One5 Health we provide bespoke business packages that help to keep your employees safe during these difficult times. Many companies are now planning their return to work strategies and we are here to help with this.

We can bespoke a package according to the size and needs of your business.

Our business Covid-19 healthcare packages include the following services:

  • Risk stratification of employees to group your employees into low, medium or high risk groups for developing severe and life-threatening complications if they were to get Covid-19.

  • Covid-19 return to work PCR antigen testing. This will help you to know that your employees do not have Coronavirus at the point of return into the office.

  • Covid-19 antibody testing. This helps to know if your employees have had past exposure to Covid-19.

  • Easy access, high quality GP services online and in person.

  • Proactive health and wellness assessments for your employees.