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Fit to Fly Certificates and Covid RT-PCR Travel Tests

UK Government and DHSC listed same day Covid-19 RT-PCR travel testing from 2 central London clinic locations or from home by same day priority courier.

A clinician led, reassuring, safe and highly reliable service giving you absolute peace of mind prior to your departure.

Same day results available with fit to fly travel certificates sent by email.

In Clinic RT-PCR Travel Test - Same Day Results Available






  • Price all inclusive of cost of test and Covid-19 RT-PCR Travel Certificate.

At Home RT-PCR Travel Test - Same Day Results Available


  • Instant private courier dispatch available for same day fit to travel covid-19 testing in London.

  • Self administered swab taken at home, hotel or office with instructions provided.





What is a Covid Fit to Fly Test Certificate?

A Covid-19 fit to fly travel certificate is a travel medical certificate to state that you are negative for Covid-19 and therefore are well enough for international travel. Some countries and airlines are now are making this mandatory as part of their new Covid-19 immigration processes. For some countries it can also be used to avoid the imposed quarantine rules upon landing.

In the context of Covid-19 a GP will need to verify that you are not experiencing any of the common symptoms of Covid-19 in keeping with UK government guidance and that you have a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test result in order issue a Covid-19 fit to fly travel certificate on this basis.

How can I get a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate?

In order to issue a TRAVEL COVID RT-PCR TEST CERTIFICATE we would need to organise a Covid-19 RT-PCR test to confirm you do not have the virus before we can issue the certificate. This test can be done in one of our central London clinic locations or at home. All results are available the next day after the sample reaches the lab and results are sent out by email along with all relevant travel documents.

We will work closely with you to ensure we do everything we can to help you to comply with the Covid-19 immigration process of the country you travelling to.

How much does a Fit to Fly Coronavirus test cost?

Our covid fit to fly PCR test is priced from £150 per person. This price is all inclusive of the test itself, the GP appointment (in clinic of by video) and the covid fit to fly test travel certificate.

What are the requirements for coronavirus testing for the country I'm travelling to?

If you are not sure of your requirements for covid testing for foreign travel please visit the UK government for specific advice for individual countries


For details on how to stay covid safe during foreign travel visit

Who needs a Fit to Fly Certificate?

Fit-to-Fly certificates are required for entry to some foreign countries. Check with your airline before departure to see if a valid certificate will be required to board your plane.

Not all airlines are requiring proof for travel, but your destination may require proof on arrival.

How long is your COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate valid for?

Your COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate is only valid for a short time, your airline and destination will have their own requirements. It’s therefore important to check the requirements and take your test within the required time frame before you travel.

  • What is an online doctor consultation?
    An online doctor appointment is a remote video based GP consultation which allows you to get medical care from the comfort of your own home or workplace. All you need a good internet connection and probably some headphones in case other people are around. Our online GPs can diagnose and treat medical problems safely and effectively through a video consultation.
  • Can I talk to a doctor online?
    Yes! You can book an online doctor appointment online using the simple online booking form. Once you have made the booking you will receive an email confirmation stating your online GP consultation time and date. In this email confirmation you will find a secure video link. You must click on this link around 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your appointment. Your online GP will join you as soon as they are ready.
  • What can I ask an online doctor?
    You can ask your online doctor anything that you feel comfortable to ask about. You can treat this as a secure, confidenitial place to speak about your medical problems. The video link is fully secure.
  • How much does it cost to see an online doctor?
    At One5 Health our online video GP appointments are priced at £60. This is the price for the consultation including any appropriate additional services as follows; online prescriptions, fit (sick) notes, private referral letter. Please note the cost of the medications will be charged by the pharmacy/chemist.
  • Are online doctors safe?
    Safety, confidentialy and trust are the basis of all our online GP consultations. All of our online doctors are also working in the NHS and are GMC registered. Your online GP will take a full history, do a clinical examination (where appropriate) and can provide advice, guidance and treatment where possible. At One5 Health we adhere to the highest standards of clincal care and are registered with the Care Quality Comission (CQC) who regulates us on our safety amongst many other things.
  • Do you record, film or tape my online GP consultations?"
    We do not record your online video GP consultation. We believe this to be a huge breach of your personal data. The only record that is made is within the secure clinical notes that the GP will write themselves after your consulatation. As we do not tape, film or record your consultations you do not need to worry that any video records of your GP consultation will be taken, saved or accessed by any other member of staff or patients.
  • What can an online doctor do?
    Our online GPs can do a lot more than you may think. Our online GPs can take a full medical history of you symptoms, we can do clinical examinations, we can give you trusted medical advice and guidance, we can prescribe medications for you and send them to your local pharmacy. We can even arrange for you prescription medications to be delivered home to you. We can provide private referral letters. If you do need to be referred back to the NHS we can also signpost you the right resources that will ensure you get the quickest and best clinical care.
  • Can an online doctor prescribe medications?
    During an online GPs video call, your doctor can do a prescription for you and send it through to a local pharmacy. Furthermore we arrange for medications to be couriered to your door in the UK. Please note we do not do prescripriptions for high risk medications, or controlled drugs. If you are looking for a specific prescription please may an email enquiry before booking. We are not solely a prescription service and the doctor has the right to refuse any prescription request that they do not feel is appropriate.
  • Can an online doctor prescribe antibiotics?
    Online video based GPs can prescribe antibiotics provided it is safe and appropriate to do so. Our online GPs tend to prescribe antibiotics for common infections such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin infections, chest infections, sexual infections plus many more.
  • What can an online doctor not prescribe?
    At One5 Health our online video GPs do not prescibe controlled drugs (CDs), we also do prescribe high risk drugs that require drug monitoring. Please see our terms and conditions for the full list of medications and drugs we are not able to prescibe.
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