Covid-19 Fit to Fly Medical Certificate

A fit to fly medical certificate is a GP medical certificate to state that you are well enough to fly. Some countries are making this mandatory as part of their new Covid-19 immigration processes.

In the context of Covid-19 a GP will need to verify that you are not experiencing any of the common symptoms of Covid-19 in keeping with UK government guidance and can issue a certificate on this basis.

In order to issue a TRAVEL COVID RT-PCR TEST CERTIFICATE we would need to organise a Covid-19 RT-PCR test to confirm you do not have the virus before we can issue the certificate. We will work closely with you to ensure we do everything we can to help you to comply with the Covid-19 immigration process of the country you travelling to.

For more information on Covid Free Certificates and Covid-19 tests please visit the Covid-19 Testing page.

To book a Fit to Fly Video GP Appointment please see below.

How does the Fit to Fly Video GP Appointment work?

1. You just need to book an appointment online (see below)

2. You will receive an email confirmation in which there will be a secure web video link for your video consultation.

3. Just click the link a few minutes before your appointment time, you can do it from smartphone, tablet or PC. Please ensure your device has a camera.

4. Your GP will join you online for your consultation

5. The GP will ask you a number of questions and go through your full medical history

6. If you are seen to be Fit to Fly you will be sent your Fit to Fly Certificate immediately via email during your video appointment 

Fit to Fly Certificate GP Video Appointment


Certificate will be given to you at the same time during your GP appointment via email.

Does not include Covid-19 RT-PCR Test.

Cannot be used to certify for a PCR test that has been done elsewhere.

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