Health and Lifestyle Plans

Doctor led, evidence based health and lifestyle plans personalised to you according to fit into your life

Find your what, your why and your how with the support of One5 Health

Normally, when visiting your doctor some may not raise the topic of lifestyle at all, while others may use broad terms like you need to; "do more exercise" and "eat better".

What does this actually mean in real terms? In some ways many are people broadly familiar with the what of what needs to be done, but less so with the why and more practically the how.

Life is hectic and we don't always feel we have the capability, opportunity or motivation to make lifestyle changes.

At One5 Health we make it easier for you. When you come in for One5 Lifestyle Consultation your doctor will spend time going through different aspects of your life and identifying areas that can be addressed, they will inform you of the scientific evidence behind the reason why these are important including signposting you to some high quality resources. Your doctor can then formulate your health and lifestyle plan that supports you with how you can incorporate this into your daily life.

When it comes making lifestyle changes, there is never a one size fits all solution so we really try our best to ensure the plan is personal to you as well as making it smart and sustainable.

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Case Studies

45 year old newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic

  • overweight

  • profound dislike of cardiovascular exercise

  • used to do resistance exercise in 20s

  • diet was poor, lots of refined/free sugars

  • works at sitting at desk all day

  • started on tablets for by regular GP

One5 Health interventions:

  • discussed and informed of evidence behind  why different types of exercise (resistance, cardiovascular, high intensity interval)

  • informed on importance of why diet and nutrition with regard to diabetes incorporating awareness of glycaemic index (GI) of certain food types and physiological processes that take place in the body when these high GI foods are consumed.

Primary Plan:

  • agreed to solely resistance training as starting point with 12 week plan made for training

  • agreed safe and sustainable ways to become more active during office working day

  • agreed to address food and portion sizes as primary starting point

  • agreed to reduce refined sugar intake and become more aware of GI of certain foods

  • agreed that everyone relapses and should not be disheartened by this - as long as trajectory is positive

Primary Outcomes:

  • medications stopped by One5 Health doctor and reversal of diabetes within 6 months of initial diagnosis

  • plan has progressed now to incorporate more high intensity interval training and resistance training

  • progressed to taking up yoga and meditation as part of daily routine

  • portion sizes smaller and much more aware of impact of certain food types

  • has cut out refined/free sugars in his routine (allowing a treat now and again)

Secondary outcomes:

  • significant weight loss

  • reduced risk of disease including high blood pressure, heart disease, bowel cancer, plus much more

  • sleeping better and more sleep aware

  • more energy levels

  • reduced alcohol intake

  • feels happier

22 year old who feels self conscious and lacks confidence to go to the gym

30 year old woman with strong family history of breast cancer and wants to reduce her own risk