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Wellness Online Check-In

We really are interested in your health, let us check in with you

Our online wellness check-ins are designed to be a proactive, informative and pleasant review of your holistic health, provided by a doctor that is a wellness expert. The idea behind these sessions is to take a step back and review your overall wellness on an annual or bi-annual basis. This should include all the wellness activities that you undertake including exercise, physical activity and nutritional plans.

Our doctors know the science of wellness better than most and therefore are often are able to provide evidence based wellness advice and guidance on topics like immunity, weight and stress management, personalised nutrition, women and men's health, exercise & training and mental wellbeing.

The concept behind this wellness check-in is to give you a platform to discuss holistic health with a doctor in way that does not make you feel like they are wasting anyone's time. They provide a great opportunity to discuss those niggling questions that you might never have gone to see a doctor about or those that you might feel are not serious enough to trouble a doctor.

At One5 Health we love these wellness check-in sessions as they allow us to go over all aspects of your lifestyle and make even small changes that can go such a long way in your overall health, productivity and wellness.

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