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A doctor led, 360 approach to healthcare that works around you

Same day private Covid-19 tests including Fit to Fly, Test to Release and Day 2 & 8 Arrival tests. 

Online private doctor consultations nationwide or in clinic GP appointments from 2 central London clinics.

Preventative health, lifestyle and wellness services.

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RT-PCR testing in clinic or at home, Rapid Antigen Tests and Covid antibody blood tests.

Same day appointments available.

Covid-19 Travel Tests with Fit to Fly Certificates, Test to Release and Day 2 & 8 Arrivals tests.

Suitable for international travel to wide range of countries.

Business Covid Support

Business testing packages available. In clinic or at home PCR and antibody testing options available.

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Private GP Services

Personalised, on demand, highly professional private healthcare.

Consultations in one of our clinics in central London or by video appointment.

Women's and Men's Health Services

From Well Woman and Well Man check up to contraception, menstrual problems and erectile dysfunction.

We cover it all.

Health & Wellness Screening

Preventative healthcare, lifestyle and wellness services.

Extensive health screening and wellness testing packages available.

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Welcome to One5 Health

We're changing your experience of going to the GP...

One5 Health is no ordinary doctor's clinic.

We are on a mission empower people to live healthier, happier and to get the most from life. In addition to GP services we also provide preventative health, lifestyle medicine and wellness services. All supported through the use of technology. A truly modern, evidence based, 360 approach to health and wellness.

We are proactive about prevention, lifestyle and  wellness

Exercise, sports and fitness

Aside from treating your acute issues we always focus on prevention; treating you as a person, not a patient. As part of every consultation we dedicate time to talk about wellness and prevention. From sports, exercise or fitness, to nutrition, stress and sleep;

we make sure we are always caring for you holistically.

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We are caring and compassionate NHS trained GPs, experienced in high quality examination, diagnosis and treatment. Our minimum appointment length is 20 minutes; that's double what you might be used to.

See a GP in person

or online

Online Doctor UK

Easy online bookings 24/7 through smartphone or PC in just a few clicks. Same or next day private GP appointments in Central London. Video GP consultations from £50.

Prescription medications delivered to you nationwide.

Dr Gaurav Sabharwal | Private GP

Dr Gaurav Sabharwal MBBS MRCGP

MSc (Sport & Exercise Medicine)

I’m Dr Gaurav Sabharwal, the founder of One5 Health. As a GP with a specialist interest in sport and exercise medicine, I struggled with the thought of purely reactive healthcare that treats you when you’re ill but doesn’t focus enough on proactively keeping you well.


Enter One5 Health. As well as offering the highest quality in private GP care when you are not feeling well, One5 Health has a strong emphasis on prevention, lifestyle and wellness.

We dedicate time in every consultation, regardless of what you come in about, to talk about prevention, how you can optimise your health and minimise your future risk of illness. All without necessarily the need for prescription medications.

When it comes to treatment we have a very strong focus on the first stage of the treatment plan which, where possible, should always be to address factors in your lifestyle that might be contributing towards your symptoms. Quite often by putting together clear and structured lifestyle plans and with the right personalised medical support around you, you will be able to avoid the need for prescription medications. This could be in the management of many conditions including diabetes, chronic stress, anxiety, gut health problems and even arthritis and joint pain.

One5 Health is all about changing the experience of General Practice. We provide convenient access to high quality, cost-effective healthcare as well as a strong shift from illness to wellness.


We are on a mission to change your healthcare experience and support you to take full control of your health.

Lifestyle Medicine

...a proactive approach to your health 

Lifestyle Medicine
Exercise Medicine

Move True

Stress Reduction

Stress Less

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Do Life Better

Sleep and Insomnia Doctor
Nutritionist. Nutritional Medicine.

Sleep Deep

Eat Complete


GP Online

Health & wellbeing solutions that fit into everyday, modern lifestyles.

Business healthcare services

Health & wellbeing solutions that your employees will thank you for.


Contact Us

One5 Health is committed to providing the highest standards of private healthcare.

To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, please do get in touch with us today.

London, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 203 488 4415

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