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We’re re-imagining primary healthcare

One5 Health is more than a GP clinic. We are creating a doctor-led, evidence-backed, modern medical practice providing a smarter, more relevant healthcare solution for you. We operate by the fundamental principle of prevention being better than cure. We aim to empower people to make positive lifestyle changes that enable them to have happier and healthier lives.

People deserve more from healthcare

We believe in an approach to healthcare that emphasises education, joint decision-making, early detection, and prevention of illness. We believe that lives are stressful enough and your healthcare experience should not make that worse. We believe that compassion, kindness, and teamwork should be at the heart of every interaction with your doctor.

high quality private healthcare

Making private healthcare accessible

We believe that high-quality private healthcare does not need to come with a high price tag. We believe that people deserve to be treated in a convenient, comfortable, and approachable environment that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. We believe in treating people as people, not patients. Our promise to you: We are here to listen. We will give you time. We will take you seriously.

man on a video call with a doctor

“I started One5 Health because I saw how broken healthcare is today. This is my take on a more current, relevant, and sustainable approach to primary healthcare.”

Dr Gaurav Sabharwal
Founder, One5 Health

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