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Private Fit Notes (Sick Note)

At One5 Health, we offer the most affordable, accessible and highest standard of GP services in Central London. See a GP today from only £60. 

Need a fit (sick) note?

Our GPs are able to provide you with a private fit (sick) note on the same day during your appointment.

Can you give me fit (sick) note for something from the past?

If we have seen you at the time you were not well then of course! If we did not see but you bring in evidence of being unwell from another healthcare professional the we can also provide you with a note.

If we have not seen you about your previous illness and you have no proof of it then we are unable to issue a fit note for you. We can however, examine you and check you over and issue a letter saying you are well

What does a fit (sick) note cost?

We do not charge extra for fit notes. This cost is included in your appointment cost. This however does not guarantee that we will provide you with one is as we have to ensure this is fully clinically appropriate prior to do so.

Can I self-certify as sick?

You can self-certify as sick from work for up to 7 calendar days, anything longer than this you need a doctor's note.

Will I definitely get a sick note? 

Provided you're sick when we see you or you have evidence of previous sickness and are eligible for a sick note after being assessed by a One5 Health GP then we will ensure you get one on the same day.

Book a Standard Private GP appointment from £60 or a Video GP appointment from £40. 

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