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A health benefit your employees will thank you for

Preventative Health Screening for
your Business

At One5 Health we offer a wide range of health checks for your employees. Whether you are looking for one of our comprehensive full body health and wellness check or want the option of a more personalised health check, we can build a package around you.

Many companies choose to offer their employees annual or bi-annual health checks as part of their corporate wellbeing strategy.  This is beneficial for both employers and employees.

Some companies have a health insurance policy or cash plan that allows employees to claim back the cost of a health check. We offer a fully compliant and seamless process  for this.

Our employee health screening include a range of options from physical and mental health assessments and GP led clinical examination to extensive blood biomarker health and wellness tests, musculoskeletal health and more detailed cardiac screening.

Full body health screening London
Full body MOT London

Our health screens focus on three key areas:


  1. Screening and early detection of illness

  2. Prevention of disease

  3. Lifestyle improvements to improve performance and reduce risk of chronic disease.

Our wellness focussed assessments also allows us to detect and treat problems like fatigue, poor concentration or sleep disturbances; all of which can can have a huge impact on workplace productivity and performance.

We have a number of packages that maybe suitable for your business or we can bespoke a package according to your specific requirements.

Please get in touch with us today and we receive a free personalised quote.


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  • Healthcare packages personalised to your business

    • providing a safe, trusted and extremely high value healthcare and wellbeing solutions

    • let us as healthcare experts take over your health and wellbeing requirements 

  • Same and next day doctor appointments

    • employees more likely to seek help earlier resulting in better overall health outcomes

    • reduce absenteeism and sickness

    • reduce time lost to attending appointments

    • appointments in Central London near your workplace

  • A health benefit that will help you to attract and retain talent

  • Proactive health screening

  • Get the most out of your employees by helping them to be productive, engaged and fulfilled
Benefits for employers:

Supporting your company to create and maintain a covid secure workplace

Covid-19 testing bulk packages for office, workplace, production, film set plus much more.

Can chose from in clinic or at home testing with a variety of testing options.

From rapid antigen tests (results in 15-20 mins) to RT-PCR tests for business travel.

One5 Health

Employee Membership

One5 Health
Member Pricing

Included or reduced pricing across all One5 Health

GP appointments

Video GP Access

Included or discounted video GP appointments. Ideal if you need a prescription, referral or some trusted advice and guidance.

Discounts with Partner


Home Blood Testing

In Clinic Blood Testing

Sexual Health Testing

Scans & Imaging

More to come..

Be Part of the Community

Community Benefits:

  • Promotions

  • Fitness Events

  • Meditation Events

  • Panel Discussions

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