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Cardiac Health

Heart health screening, treatment and prevention of cardiac problems.

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Heart and circulatory diseases cause a quarter of all deaths in the UK

Every 3 minutes
an adult dies in the UK from cardiovascular disease or its complications

Why you might want to get a checked if you have

a family history of cardiac disease/
chest tightness/
shortness of breath/
difficulty breathing/
loss of balance/
reduced exercise tolerance/
swelling in your legs/

We offer a range of services for cardiac screening, lifestyle management and specialist testing

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Well Woman and Well Man Wellness Checks
Our Lifestyle Medicine Programmes
Health Screening Options

Our Full Body Health Checks

Comprehensive full body health checks including Well Woman and Well Man Check Ups

Experts in Lifestyle and Prevention

Preventative Health

Our team of doctors are all experts in prevention, lifestyle and wellness. Book to see our doctors in person in one of our central London clinic or online via video appointment from anywhere in the country

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Wellness Checks
Comprehensive Well Woman and Well Man Checks

Assess your cardiac risk fully along side diabetes risk, cancer screening, hormone levels and nutrition.

GP Appointments
Convenient Private GP Appointments

Book in to one of our central London private GP clinics or book an online video consultation from anywhere in the country

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