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Private Prescriptions & Medications

At One5 Health, we offer the most affordable, accessible and highest standard of GP services in Central London.


See a GP in person today from only £60. GP video and telephone appointments from £40. Prescription delivery available in Central London on the same or next day.

Need a private prescription?

Our GPs are able to prescribe most things. We can even arrange for your medications to be delivered to you within 2-4 hours in Central London.

What do private prescriptions cost?

When you consider that NHS prescriptions cost a standard fee of £9 per item, believe it or not some private prescriptions might actually be cheaper than this standard fee.

How to do I get a private prescription?

Book a Standard Private GP appointment today, either in person or a telephone or video GP appointment. Your One5 Health GP will look at your history, examine you and issue any relevant private prescriptions, provided you definitely need one.

Book a Standard Private GP appointment from £60 today.

Book a Telephone or Video GP appointment from £40.

Please Note - One5 Health does not prescribe any controlled drugs (CDs) or high risk medications. Please see our services not offered document in the Help section prior to booking.

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