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Private GP London

At One5 Health we offer same day Private GP appointments from two central London clinic locations, available 7 days per week.

Online Video GP Appointments offered nationwide.

Private GP Services



High quality examinations, diagnosis and treatment by our expert GPs. All our GPs are Members of the Royal College of GPs (MRCGP).

We offer a huge range of private blood and other diagnostic tests at some of the most affordable prices in Central London.

Fast and discrete sexual health services. We offer FAST STI testing with same day results, as well as high quality diagnosis and treatment.



We can provide you with medications, sick notes, referral letters, medical reports, insurance reports, sports participation certificates

Private GP Clinic

Private GP Near Me

Our Standard Private GP appointment times are 15 minutes long and costs just £60, which from our experience is long enough to help with most health concerns that people have. In this time our general practitioner listen, examine and works with you to find the best answer possible to your concerns at our general practice. We also will always try and focus on some preventative health interventions during this consultation.


Of course, if you would like a longer appointment that’s no problem at all. Simply choose the length of appointment that you need from the Book GP Appointment page. We also offer you convenient access to Video GP appointments from just £50.

All our GP appointment prices are displayed on our website, so you know the cost before booking. Should you need further blood tests, scans, certificates or prescription medications, your doctors will discuss the costs with you during the consultation.

Our services cover a large range of health needs, but we can also help with your health administrative needs; including anything from a sick note, a sports medical certificate to show your health is up to scratch to either run a marathon, a certificate to say you are fit to fly or a report to allow you to join a new job plus anything else you may have planned.

We can offer same day results for most of the blood tests and reports to make sure you can get back to being your best self as quick as possible. For most things a solution is found at the time of your consultation. For more complicated and difficult problems, we provide empathetic collaboration and a willingness to explore ways to improve your health, happiness and longevity. We can advise on an ongoing treatment plan and, where necessary, we will arrange a specialist onward referral. 

Some ways we can help:

  • Allergies

  • Chest Discomfort

  • Headaches

  • Respiratory/Chest Infections

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Skin Rashes, Moles & Lesions

  • Stomach Upset

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

  • Women's Health

  • Men's Health

plus more...

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Our full list of GP services include:

High Quality Diagnosis & Management

Blood Tests 

Specialist Referrals

Fit Notes (Sick Notes)


Scans & Imaging

Medical Reports

A Private Medical Service with a difference

From same day appointments, to easy online booking processes, to longer appointments with your doctor and the most cost-effective private healthcare; One5 Health has been built by doctors solely around the needs of the people that we care for.

Furthermore, every Private GP consultation gives you the time you deserve to explore not just your acute problems but also an emphasis on wider problems and future prevention.

We firmly believe that our role as private GPs is not just to diagnose and treat people but also to promote better health by empowering people to make better informed lifestyle choices.

Private GP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Private GP

What is One5 Health's philosopy towards medical care?

One5 Health was founded in 2020 on a better model of care – one designed around patients’ needs that provides a higher level of quality and service affordably. We do this through innovative design, excellent customer service, and the efficient use of technology.

Our team believes in building trust-based partnerships with our patients. Rather than simply writing a prescription and sending you on your way, your GP will collaborate with you as your long-term health care advocate, help you manage your health issues and navigate complex decisions, and empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make positive changes. We use diagnostic tests appropriately, wary of the risk of overdiagnosis, and strive to ensure that follow-up plans are clearly understood.

Moreover, we’re focused on caring for you in a holistic manner – taking all aspects of your health, lifestyle and wellness into consideration. To help you restore and maintain optimal health. As we grow, we’ll continue to add more services to make our care as comprehensive and effective as possible.

Your doctor at One5 Health is your first point of contact for your health care needs, bringing you the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted advisor in your corner. But should you ever require a specialty private referral, we’ll help you make the best possible choice, and we’ll ensure a well-coordinated referral.

I’m looking to find a GP near me, can you help?

We are new group of private GP clinics based in Moorgate in the City of London and Baker Street in Maylebone. We also offer online video consutations nationwide.

What are your opening times?

We are currently open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm. You can make bookings on the same day or up to a week in advance. Our availabilities are shown on the BOOK NOW page.

How much does it cost to see a private GP?

Our standard GP appointment rate is £60 for a 15 minute consultation. Longer 30 minute GP appointments are available for £90. This makes us one of the most cost-effective and affordable private GP providers in Central London.

How does GP registration work?

Registering with One5 Health takes a matter of seconds. All we need is your to choose the time and date you want to be seen and fill out a few simple details. You will be sent a questionnaire in the booking confirmation email to fill out in your own time prior to your consultation. Overseas visitors are most welcome.

Will I be de-registered from my existing NHS GP?

No. We will not de-register you, ever. We are here to help take some of the strain off the NHS so you can use us whenever you want to and it will not affect your NHS GP registration.

How long does the appointment last?

Our standard GP appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes. If you need longer we also offer an extended GP appointment for 30 minutes which is ideal if you have multiple issues to discuss or you have a complex medical history.

What if I need to cancel my One5 Health GP appointment?

You can cancel your appointment at anytime by emailing us on

If you cancel with less than 24 hours until your appointment you will still be charged the full fee. There is no charge for rearranging your appointment.

Do you offer video or telephone GP consultations?

Yes you can book video appointments online as well. They are priced at £40 for a 10-minute appointment. After booking you will be sent a video-link code that you must click at the time of your appointment, you can then wait for the GP to join you online.

Will my One5 Health GP be able to access my NHS GP notes?

No but your One5 Health GP will go through your full medical history including past medical problems, medications, allergies and family history. If you are taking any regular medications it might be worth bringing them with you or having pictures of them on your phone.

Will you send my appointment notes to my regular NHS GP?

We always send you a copy of your consultation notes and we encourage you to share these with your regular NHS GP. If you prefer, we can share these notes directly with your NHS GP. We will ask you to provide us with your practice’s email address in order to do so.