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Private Specialist Referrals

At One5 Health, we offer the most affordable, accessible and highest standard of GP services in Central London. See a GP today from only £60. 

Need a private specialist referral?

Our GPs are able to do specialist referrals letters for you on the same day. We also work closely with local private consultants, physiotherapists, osteopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists plus more.

Come in a discuss your needs with us

Can I get a referral to any specialist that I want to see?

This usually depends on whether your are insured or not and what your insurance covers you for. 

If you are self-funding then you are able to see anyone that wish, we would be happy to refer you as long as the referral is appropriate.

If you are activating your insurance policy then you will need to discuss this with you insurer to see if you are covered to see who you want to.

In any case, we are always on standby and can give you a private referral letter on the same day that you see us and more often than not, even during your appointment.

Can you do an NHS referral for me?

We can assess, examine and treat you here at One5 Health. We also provide you with a letter to give to your NHS GP. We cannot, however, refer you to any NHS services. For this you will have to speak to your NHS GP. 

Book a Standard Private GP appointment from £60 or a Video GP appointment from £40. 

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