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Rob Bird

Clinical Physical Activity Specialist & Exercise Consultant MSc

Qualifications include:

MSc Exercise and Behavioural Medicine

PGDip Preventive Cardiology -Imperial College

Also Certified by:

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

British Association for Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation ( BACPR)

Action For Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI)

Functional Aging Institute of America (FAI)

Rob has over 30 years of experience treating patients with medical conditions using

evidence based physical activity interventions. He is a member of The British Society of

Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) and actively involved in their Physical Activity special interest

group. He is also a member of The Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute (MLMI) as a

physical Activity researcher.

His main areas of interest are:

Return to exercise after illness or long lay-off after injury.

Behavioural Psychology

Workplace physical activity interventions; sedentary lifestyle and posture related problems.

The clinical benefits of physical activity in both primary and secondary prevention of

Metabolic and Cardiovascular diseases.

The complex interaction of physical activity and medication regimes .

Cardiac, stroke and cancer rehabilitation

rob bird

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