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Our doctors are dedicated to personalised and preventative healthcare. The Well Man & Well Woman Health Checks offer a doctor-led, full body health screening from our central London clinic locations.

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Why Choose One5 Health for a Health Check?

At One5 Health, our highest goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health and wellness. We start with a deep dive into all that makes you, you; your genetic background, lifestyle and personal goals (however modest or ambitious they may be). With this holistic perspective, we’ll guide you towards the right screening tests, preventative treatments and lifestyle adaptations to maximise your potential and longevity.

Some ways we help

Annual health check/
Work medical screening/
Cancer screening and prevention/
Cardiovascular disease screening and prevention/
Diabetes screening and prevention/
Sports medicine cardiac screening/
Vitamin and nutritional deficiency testing/
Weight management testing and clinical support/
Screening for metabolic and endocrine disorders/
Well Woman

Women’s Health Checks

A comprehensive review of your current health status, complete with a women's health expert GP consultation & examination, an extensive panel of blood tests and a follow up virtual or in clinic appointment.

Full women's health checks
Fertility assessment​s
Contraception and HRT prescriptions 
Breast screening
PCOS testing and management
Smear tests for cervical cancer screening
Sexual health testing
Well Man

Men's Health Checks

A comprehensive review of your health, complete with an initial medical consultation & examination, an extensive panel of laboratory tests and medical follow up, all included.

Full men's health checks
Prostate cancer screening
Bowel cancer screening and prevention
Erectile dysfunction assessments and prescriptions
Male hormone testing
Hair loss assessments and prescriptions
Sexual health testing
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Looking for specific tests?

You can create your very own testing package according to tests you either need or want to get done.

Get in touch by email at care@one5.health or telephone and let us know what tests you are looking to do and we can create a personalised quote for you.

Still have questions?

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