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The Mind-Body Emotional Wellness Programme

At One5 Health, we’ve always focused on how improving our everyday lifestyle habits can improve our mental and physical health, but now we’re taking it one step further. Our new mind-body programme will teach you to recalibrate your nervous system, moving you from a state of “fight or flight” to a place of calm, clarity and focus. The programme will use a range of techniques including cognitive reprogramming, mindfulness and meditation, breathwork and sleep optimisation to retrain your thought pathways, habits and behaviours, ultimately leading you to a happier, healthier and more authentic life. 

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1-1 coaching sessions and programmes

Emotional Wellness coaching personalised for you

Are you sick of feeling constantly stressed, tired or burned out? 

Is your negative self-talk holding you back or making you feel less than? 

Is your perfectionism becoming a hindrance rather than a help?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then our new mind-body programme may be for you. 

This programme is designed to help you:

Cease living in fight-or-flight mode and learn to be more present
Challenge your negative self-talk and learn to embrace your authentic self.
Enhance performance and concentration by increasing clarity, focus and blocking out the noise.
Live your life as the best version of you.
Improve stress management.
Better sleep quality.
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How can One5 Health help me?

1-2-1 coaching sessions and programmes. The “fight or flight” response is controlled by specific neural pathways and chemical changes in the brain and body. The programme will help you to create neuro-plastic changes in the brain, thus weakening the patterns of the past and re-defining the chemical changes in the body to create a better you. What does the programme include? Designed to ensure complete physical, mental and emotional health, you will have the flexibility to build a personalised, modular programme. The modules include retraining thought pathways through neuro reprogramming, meditation, exercise, and sleep, based on your needs and goals. Programme modules:

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Facilitate an understanding of who you are through dominant themes of thought and emotional clarity.

Thoughts, Habits, Behaviours, Relationships: Restructure dominant thought pathways, reframe belief systems, reassess habits and behaviours through self-awareness.

Environment, People, Life: Create positive energy in environments, understand the impact of significant relationships, and align lifestyle choices with personal well-being.

Integrate the principles of CBT with awareness practices like meditation, pranayama and sound to enhance emotional and mental health.

Blend ancient wisdom with contemporary methods for holistic development.

Encourage self-compassion, acceptance, and personal growth through regular practice.

Programme and per session pricing

Mind-Body Pricing Options

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Mind-Body Programme
Mind-Body Programme
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Dr Deschu Sahayam

Meet our Emotional Wellness Expert

This one-of-a-kind emotional wellness and stress management programme is developed and led by Dr Deschu Sahayam.

Dr Deschu specialises in the workings of the autonomic nervous system, and the optimisation of neural pathways, all of which form the foundations for mind-body health.

Dr Deschu has a background in clinical medicine, general practice and corporate wellness. Her training also includes a teacher training in mindfulness-based-cognitive-therapy from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and a diploma in rational emotive behavioural therapy. Passionate about living a life that aligns to wellness she also has a personal daily practice of self-reflection, yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Despite her qualifications and training, her greatest learning came through eighteen months of Long Covid. During this time, she understood that the meaning we attach to the experiences of our life have a significant impact on the physiology of the human body.
Integrating more than fifteen practices, tools and habits, Dr Deschu learned to move herself out of a dominant state of fight or flight, which had lasted decades. What started out as a need to heal the human body suddenly metamorphosed into an opportunity for a life changing transformation.

You will learn how you can apply the wisdom of her learning to your own life.

“Because we are who we say we are, and we experience life exactly as we see it”.

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Emotional Wellness Programme FAQs

Frequently asked questions

More about the Mind-Body Emotional Wellness Programme

How can we help?

Yes, of course. After your discovery call with Dr Deschu, you can decide together how best to proceed. As with most things, commitment is key. So, this programme will offer optimal results in regular weekly or fortnightly sessions. Each session lasts up to an hour and is conducted virtually. 

The cost for a one-off session lasting up to 1 hour is £160 and is conducted virtually. 

A package of 6 sessions is priced at £800.

The clients who have worked with Dr Deschu describe a transformational experience and being led to a place where they can live their best lives, achieving goals they’d only dreamed of.

Still have questions?

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