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Book your Well Man Health Check and take a proactive approach to your health

A comprehensive review of your health, complete with an initial medical consultation & examination, an extensive panel of laboratory tests and medical follow up, all included.

Sexual health testing, testicular and prostate assessments available.

We have designed our men's health check to offer the most comprehensive assessment of your health with multiple optional add-ons available to personalise the check up according to your specific needs.


Whether you are looking to explore any worrisome symptoms or health concerns, check your vital organs function or are looking to gain a more detailed understand of your body, we can help. You will also receive expert medical advice, coaching and a health and lifestyle plan to optimise your health and prevent your future risk.

How our health checks work


1. Doctor-Led Men’s Health Review

A GP-led review of your health including full medical history, lifestyle assessment and physical examination including blood pressure, cardiac and respiratory examinations a comprehensive body composition scan for BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass plus more.


2. Well Man Full Blood Panel

One of the most comprehensive blood test panels including all things men's health and wellness including hormones, vitamins, cholesterol and diabetes blood screening.

You will be able to add on any additional tests during your review.


3. Aftercare

A virtual or in clinic follow up to review your results. Receive expert health advice during your consultation based on the outcomes of your test. Take the time to ask any questions and set clear health and wellness goals. 

Additional Tests

During your check up you will be have the option to add on any relevant additional blood tests, sexual health screening or any appropriate scans. These will be chargeable as extra. Click below to see a price list and free to send us an email for a quote for any other tests.

Who is the Well Man Health Check for?

Our Well Man check is for you if you’re interested in learning more about your long-term health risk or how to improve your energy levels, fitness, mood, sleep, stress or weight management. This health check will help you:

  • Stay in control of your health & identify health risks.

  • Pick up early signs of disease or areas of concern.

  • Understand your family health history and any hereditary issues.

  • Explore any symptoms you may have such as tiredness, poor sleep or concentration plus more.

  • Explore how your lifestyle impacts you health.

  • Reduce worry and anxiety around your health.

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Why should I book a health-check up?


The health check will help you understand your body, improve your health and make a proactive lifestyle plan going forwards.


You will be able to identify potential health risks and make better informed choices to optimise your health.

Our tests are some of the most comprehensive available at this price and include key health indicators, including diabetes risk, heart health, hormone levels and vitamin and mineral levels. 

Through the consultation and blood tests, you will gain understanding about what’s happening inside your body.

“Studies show 80% of chronic disease is preventable by making informed and proactive lifestyle choices."

Why One5 Health?

Our fully qualified, expert GPs will carry out the consultation and tests, so you’re in safe, trustworthy hands from start to finish. We're regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our blood testing panel is through a UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK. We offer the Well Woman Health Check-up from two Central London locations in Marylebone and the City.


We take a lifestyle based and preventative approach to healthcare. We want to get ahead of the curve and not wait for things to potentially go wrong. We understand that people deserve to know more about their current health status and feel should feel supported and empowered to make even sometimes small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. We're relational in approach and our goal is to get to know you and be a supportive health partner for the longer term. We take the time to understand your health concerns and goals so that we can be responsive and design a plan built around your individual needs.

Get proactive with your health today

It’s time to start getting proactive with your health and we’re here to partner with you each step of the way. Know what’s going on inside, receive expert guidance and have an intentional and systematic plan to improve and manage your health going forward.  


Avoid building up a ‘health debt’ and stop worrying or delaying. Improve your lifestyle and do your best to mitigate any future health issues. And if you are facing a health challenge we can help you face it in the best possible way.


Own your health journey, be proactive and start prioritising your health today.

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Well Man Clinic London

Men's health screening and wellness testing in central London.

Comprehensive mens health screening to know what's going on inside and track your health overtime.

Wellness blood testing for men's hormones, vitamins and lifestyle.

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