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A Comprehensive At-Home Well Woman Health Check

An at-home proactive review of your health, complete with a virtual doctor consultation, an at-home full panel of women's health focused blood tests and aftercare included.

Women's health is about so much more than just making do. It's about pausing, checking-in and asking is this right and how do I really feel

What's included in a Virtual Well Woman Check Up?


Women's Health Review.

A virtual 30 minute, doctor-led overview of your health and wellness including medical history, menstrual, fertility and contraceptive histories, mental health review and lifestyle assessment.

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Well Woman Full Blood Test Panel.

The most comprehensive at-home blood test panel spanning all things women's health and wellness including hormones, vitamins and minerals, cholesterol and diabetes blood tests.

Nurse home visit included for blood test (nationwide).

Get tested from the comfort of your own home.



A virtual follow up to review of your results, giving you time to ask any questions and set clear health and wellness goals.

Results usually within 3-5 days working days.


Our virtual Well Woman health check up starts from £350. You will have the option to add on any additional tests including sexual health screening, cardiac monitoring or any relevant scans after you've consulted your doctor.

What other women's health services do we offer, we hear you ask...

Our complete range of women's health services is coming soon...

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Well Woman Clinic Central London

Prefer to come into one of our central London clinics? You can book yourself directly in for an in clinic Well Woman Check Up now.