Covid Antibody Test London

In clinic Covid antibody test £120

A covid antibody test tells you if you have been exposed to covid-19 in the recent past and if you have some level of immunity (antibodies) to coronavirus in your blood stream.

The antibody test is a blood test that is taken from your arm in exactly the same way as you may have may had previous blood tests. The test dose not take more than a couple of minutes.

The sample is then immediately sent to our partner laboratory for analysis.

Results are available within 24 hours and sent to you by email.

Our antibody testing options have been evaluated by Public Health England (PHE) as suitable for detecting the production of Covid-19 antibodies and CE marked. 

We have access to both Abbott (IgG) antibody tests and Roche (combined IgG and IgM antibody tests). Please note it is not possible to do both tests at the same time. 

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